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Linking the requirements of the Food Safety Standards with practice during centralized classroom training is always difficult. HACCP Academy is moving away from this form of training and will be focusing on on-site training. The following training is available in this format:

ISO 22000
FSSC 22000
BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials


Each of the training courses have been designed to assist the food handling or food packaging organization to compile a complete Food Safety Manual with all relevant documentation to meet the requirements of the relevant Standards.

Course material is adapted to the relevant industry type/category prior to the commencement of the training. The Food Safety Manual constitutes the training material. Amendments to the manual will be made during training where necessary.
On completing this course the participants will:
Understand the requirements of a Food Safety Management system;
Have a thorough understanding of the Food Safety Manual with all relevant documentation to meet the requirements of the chosen food safety management system;
Understand the internal audit process;
Be able to prepare an organization for third party assessment.
Who should attend the training course?

Typically all members of the Food Safety Team would attend. Other staff that could play a role in managing the Food Safety System would benefit by attending the course

Key Elements of the Course:

Review and practical application of the Clauses of the relevant Standard. Practical applications are not generic, but made applicable to the company being trained.

How will your company benefit by participating in such a training course and how does it differ from other courses?
The company will be in possession of a complete Food Safety Manual with associated procedures (hard copy and electronic version) which is intended to satisfy the documentation requirements of the selected Standard.
All documentation and accompanying forms are prewritten.
The training course will provide the participants with a full understanding of the contents of the manual, how to implement the manual and how it relates to the Standards.
This will allow your company to start the implementation stage sooner rather than later.

Your responsibility: Venue and catering. Arrangements with staff members.

HACCP Academy's responsibility: Training material, electronic equipment to be used for training, travelling and accommodation.


Costs are determined by the location of the facility and the complexity of the products manufactured. Costs include a comprehensive documentation package, Food Safety Management templates, and flash disc containing editable electronic versions of all documentation. Costs are irrespective of numbers attending the training.

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