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Food Safety Systems Development

With increased awareness of food safety, food establishments are searching ways to:

  • Reduce risk and prevent product recalls
  • Comply with their moral and legal obligations
  • Differentiate them from the competition

HACCP Academy will work with you to develop a food safety system to meet your specific food safety requirements.

This service focuses on:
ISO 22000

This service includes:

  • Documented project plan with time line
  • Current program evaluation – GMP’s, SOP’s, GAP’s
  • Creation of necessary PRP’s
  • HACCP team training
  • Facilitation of team meetings
  • Employee training programs
  • Completion of product descriptions and ingredient list
  • Completion of process flow charts
  • Hazard Analysis Process
  • Complete HACCP Plan development
  • HACCP Plan documentation
  • HACCP Plan implementation assistance
  • Initial plan verification

How will you benefit:

  • Reduce your risk of, and losses from food safety incidences and product recall
  • Be prepared to comply with your moral and legal obligations
  • Gain an advantage over your competitors
  • Greater international marketing potential
  • Get practical, science-based programs that meet customer requirements.

Why HACCP Academy:

  • HACCP Academy has internationally known consultants with years of academic and industry experience
  • HACCP Academy will provide simple and efficient record keeping programs and forms to prevent wasted time and effort
  • HACCP Academy does not market the illusion of food safety, we focus on actually improving food safety and reducing risks
  • HACCP Academy can draw upon the extensive information pool and expertise of tertiary academic institutions in most of the provinces
  • Because of HACCP Academy’s constant contact with the scientific, academic and government community,
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